Sports and Leisure

According to popular opinion, Las Vegas is simply known as Sin City. This negative connotation has an impact on the people who live and work here. Gaming is an integral part of the community and economy in Las Vegas, but it should not define everything that this city has to offer. If one walks away from the bright lights of the casino corridor a whole new adventure awaits. The opportunities for recreation and leisure activities are in abundant supply in the Las Vegas area.

The main goal of this forum is to show how sports and leisure activities contribute to building a more cohesive community that is more than just gaming and entertainment. Citizens of Las Vegas have a plethora of activities to enjoy, and the vision of our group is to develop cohesive ideas on those activities while enhancing the writing skills of anyone who submits their work. Read more of this post


Architecture and Urban Planning

Building a better community begins with the physical: urban planning. As city-dwellers, most of our time is spent within buildings and interacting with projects that shape our collective consciousness. We are affected by the schools in which we learn, the homes in which we live, the environment in which we work, and the communities in which we gather. From Egyptian pyramids to the largest dam in the world, Las Vegas is home to an array of constructions that influence its culture. Most importantly, urban planning has the capacity to create unique environments and intimate communities. Read more of this post