Sports and Leisure

According to popular opinion, Las Vegas is simply known as Sin City. This negative connotation has an impact on the people who live and work here. Gaming is an integral part of the community and economy in Las Vegas, but it should not define everything that this city has to offer. If one walks away from the bright lights of the casino corridor a whole new adventure awaits. The opportunities for recreation and leisure activities are in abundant supply in the Las Vegas area.

The main goal of this forum is to show how sports and leisure activities contribute to building a more cohesive community that is more than just gaming and entertainment. Citizens of Las Vegas have a plethora of activities to enjoy, and the vision of our group is to develop cohesive ideas on those activities while enhancing the writing skills of anyone who submits their work.

Sample Questions

  1. Locate and describe the layout of several popular parks in the Las Vegas area.
  2. What types of recreational leagues are offered in the Las Vegas area? What is the cost for some of the more popular leagues? How does one go about signing up for a recreational league?
  3. Consider the possibility of Las Vegas acquiring a professional sports team. How would this benefit the community? Is there a negative aspect to this notion?
  4. Discuss the possibility of Las Vegas acquiring a water park. Are there any plans in place to build a water park in the Las Vegas area? How could this benefit the residents and tourists of Las Vegas?
  5. Which golf courses in Las Vegas offer the best experience for the money paid? Do the more expensive golf courses deserve the premium that is paid?
  6. What are some popular hiking locations in the Las Vegas area? What do these locations have to offer that sets them apart from the rest?
  7. Is there a strong fan base for the UNLV Rebel sports teams among UNLV students and residents of the Las Vegas area? Is this sense of pride for the UNLV sports teams intensified by the lack of a professional sports team in the Las Vegas area?
  8. What are some good locations for running and jogging in the Las Vegas Valley?

Genre Topics

  • How To: How to papers will fit our section because you can do things like: how to sign up for classes at your local recreation center or how to golf like a pro for under one hundred dollars.
  • Definition: Write a definition about the different sport clubs in Las Vegas, or what is the definition of rock climbing in Las Vegas. This could just be another way to say a place is the best in the city for something.
  • List: Lists can be used for numerous things in our section. These could be things list lists of paintball locations, golf courses, sports arenas, or bike trails in town and recreation centers.
  • Profile: Profiles are quite easy for our section. One could profile a local athlete, location, activity, event, or recreational center.
  • Problem/Solution: Problem/Solution papers could include building the new stadium, bringing a professional sports team to Las Vegas, or what to do on a boring Sunday.
  • Review: Reviews are also quite easy to do. You can review a location for rock climbing, Hot Vegas Nights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, parking at sporting events, food inside the arena, recreation leagues, or movies.
  • Infographic: Infographics can be done on parks, different clubs offered at recreational centers, or what kinds of activities are offered in different parts of the city. These could also be about music sales or general topics.

Supplementary ideas

The following sites offer ideas about sporting activities, park locations, and other recreational activities in the Las Vegas area. When consulting the sources provided focus on the sample questions and genre topics that were provided in the previous two sections. Keep in mind that the sources provided are just starting points.


Submitting an article for sports and leisure is your opportunity to contribute to the Las Vegas community. You have a unique perspective into what activities are available for all of us. While everyone will benefit from what you know, you will benefit because you will be writing about something you have a passion for.

Contact: Jason Domingo, Webcampus


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