Common Misunderstandings and Interesting Facts about Las Vegas and Nevada

By Robert Cutts
Las Vegas is a town that is infamous by its name alone; however, many of things related to this infamy are false. Las Vegas is a confusing mistress at times. She is shrouded in mystery and has numerous secrets that may never be uncovered. I have compiled a list of facts about Las Vegas that may resolve these misunderstandings and win you a bet. With these facts, she will be more familiar to you and learning about someone is the first step on the road to creating a steady relationship.1. 84.4% of Nevada’s Land is Federally Owned

Nevada has more federally owned land than any other state in the Union. This goes back to when it was formed. There were two major motivations for the United States to create Nevada despite its low population. The first reason was for the enormous silver deposits in the northern part of the state. The second reason was to help Abraham Lincoln win the 1864 election.2. There are no ‘Four’ Floors

In the Chinese culture, the number four is bad luck. Many high rollers in Las Vegas are of Chinese descent, and to prevent the loss of their business, a few casinos have labeled their hotel floors without the number.

3. There have been Fourteen Implosions of Old Hotels since 1993

When Las Vegas casinos are past their prime, they are not just simply closed down. They go out in style! Rumor has it some new implosions are on the way with the Tunis Tower at what was formerly known as the Sahara, the Bally’s East Tower, the Imperial Palace and the Harmon Tower at the recently constructed City Center.
4. Prostitution is not Legal in Las VegasMisunderstanding laws gets many tourists into trouble. Not only are they breaking the law by participating in the act, but some even get robbed afterwards. Prostitution is, however, legal in Pahrump, Nevada, only 45 minutes away. This is because Las Vegas is in Clark County, and Pahrump is in Nye County where county laws are different.5. Some Las Vegas Casinos Alter Their Buildings To Seem Smaller

Some casinos, like the Treasure Island, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace and Wynn Las Vegas, use an optical illusion to appear smaller than they actually are. They use their windows to create this effect by using one window to cover multiple floors making it appear as one room.

Example of how the Bellagio performs this little trick.


6. Many Tourists Experience the “Vegas Cold”

Contrary to popular belief, the ‘Absolute Flu’ is not the only bug visitors can catch in Las Vegas. Numerous visitors catch colds after their stays in hotels. This is simply because Vegas is covered in germs. Slot machines, casino chips and elevator buttons are touched by thousands of people a day and are frequented by millions of germs. Guests frequently allow themselves to get dehydrated in the desert heat making them susceptible to bacteria attacks.

7. It is Nearly Impossible to Cheat a Casino

Someone is always watching. From the moment visitors enter the casino their faces are scanned and ran through a database of blacklisted players or people who have been caught cheating and are no longer allowed in the casino. Cameras on are every table, every seat and on the money. Card counters are caught most frequently. nos are not Built on Winners
As the saying goes, the odds are always in the house’s favor. Blackjack is the only game that gives the house and player similar odds; however, the house still has an edge of 1-5%.The worst game for players is Keno where house’s edge is between 25 and 30%.




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