Best Five Examples of Cuban Culture in Las Vegas by

According to the 2010 Census, the hispanic community accounted for 31.5% of the Las Vegas population. Cubans are part of this percentage and have an interesting culture to offer to the Las Vegas community. Cuban culture is a complex mixture of different influences, which include art, cuisine, literature, music, politics and religion.Some aspects of Cuban culture, especially salsa music, can be easily recognized around the world. Cuban culture is unique because it offers a tropical, festive and expressive way of life. Currently, there is an exciting selection of Cuban culture offered in Las Vegas. Las Vegas offers Cuban food, party entertainers and salsa dancing nights. Here are five different options that give you a taste of Cuban culture. Enjoy!

1. Florida Café Cuban Bar and Grill

Florida Café Cuban Bar and Grill is best known for its Cuban buffet. Cuban food is comprised of various dishes with rice and beans as the staple side dishes. The Florida Café Cuban Bar and Grill offers dishes and family recipes, which include menu items such as Arroz Con Pollo, Bistec Empanizado, and Platano Maduros and of course rice and beans.

2. Cuban Master Cigar Roller- Cesar Ramirez

Cesar Ramirez is a personal Cuban master cigar roller who is available for events in Las Vegas. Because Cuba has such a great quality of tobacco, there are many different types of cigars that are produced such as Cohibas, Partagas, Montecristos, and Cuaba Tradicionales. These cigars vary in taste. Some cigars have hints of leather, citrus or chocolate. Cesar Ramirez has a premium selection of cigars and is available for events such as wedding, banquets, dinner, private parties, corporate events, meetings, conferences, conventions, lectures and stage performances.

3. Club Rio’s Salsa Dancing Night

Dancing is vital to Cuban culture. There are many different dances, which include salsa, conga, bolero, merengue and mambo. Club Rio offers a great selection of Cuban music for salsa dancing on Sunday nights. Club Rio is an upscale club, so their dress code is stricter. Most male guests wear a guayabera (a popular Cuban men’s shirt) and slacks. Female guests usually wear a nice dress or skirt. The environment in Club Rio on the dance floor is festive and alive.

4. Roly’s Bakery

Roly’s Bakery is a new bakery that offers a variety of delicious Cuban bakery items such as cakes, bread, pastries, sandwiches, tamales, pizza and coffee. Roly’s Bakery also has a fantastic Cuban flan, which is a popular pudding-based dessert made of sugar, evaporated milk, condensed milk, egg yolks, eggs, cream cheese and vanilla extract. Roly’s Bakery also makes custom order cakes for all occasions.

5. Salsa Blanca is a website created by UNLV professor Jon Griffin. Jon Griffin has an interesting story as he is a professor for the Food and Beverage department, and teaches primarily about beer. Griffin is fascinated by the Cuban culture, specifically music. Griffin also owns a home in Cuba. Griffin created to enlighten the public about Cuban music styles such as Afro-Cuban music, rumba, danzon, and punto.


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