Introduction to Architecture & Urban Planning


Choosing to interpret the class focus of “building a better community” literally, we look to architecture and urban planning. We believe that physically well-built cities thrive and have the most to offer. Both beautiful and diverse, we see Las Vegan architecture as a reflection of the many cultures and attitudes of the Las Vegas community.  Read more of this post



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Native American Presence in Las Vegas

By Sean Connelly 

Las Vegas a.k.a. ‘Sin City’ is known around the world for its lit up buildings and flashy neon signs. But it is also a home to various ethnicities, each with its own special presence and unique contributions to our city’s architecture and landscape. Among these minorities are the indigenous natives themselves who, according to the 2010 Census, make up nearly one percent of our city’s population. Many of these citizens descend from the tribes that once occupied Nevada, including the Paiutes and Shoshone, as well as from those which have immigrated here from other tribes throughout the country (including some members of my own family). The following is a list of buildings and structural landscapes with a strong native theme that, whether we know it or not, are important parts of the city and significant to our identity as Las Vegans.

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The Morelli House

By Natalie Ramos

As the double doors swing open, visitors are greeted by decor unusual for the modern world. Everything from the circa 1959 curtain panels to the sofa that wraps around the dining room table exists exclusively in this home. This is the historic Morelli House.  Read more of this post

Changing Las Vegas’ Transportation

By Theresa Schill 

There are many Las Vegas locals who do not own cars and are forced to travel by bus, on foot, or by riding a bicycle. I am one of them and have experienced first-hand the transportation of Las Vegas. The transit system has many problems I can name off the top of my head including: inconsistency with bus arrivals, differing weekend and weekday schedules, only two spots for bikes, and a lack of benches at bus stops. Due to the numerous inadequacies of the system, I will focus only on the bus stops and the improvements that should be made. While many of my readers may have cars, there is the off chance that they will one day ride the bus, and I am sure everyone would prefer to be as comfortable as possible while waiting for the next bus to arrive.  Read more of this post

Around the World in 90 Seconds: 5 Destinations for Las Vegans on a Budget

By Hilary Williams

Las Vegans don’t need to spend thousands of dollars traveling all over the world to see its marvels. It’s available right in their backyards through the architecture on the Strip. Some might even like the Las Vegas architecture more than the originals. Best of all–sightseeing is free!

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Vacation Village

By Cameron Yana

Vacation Village

Most locals of Las Vegas are familiar with the lavish shopping center known as Town Square. Located on the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard, Town Square has become quite a popular shopping center since it opened to the public in November of 2007. However, very few know of the hotel and casino, Vacation Village, which previously called this location its home.   Read more of this post