Do Your Homework: Education is the Key to Reviving Vegas’ Economy

By Mary Kuzma

Things have changed in our Valley and the economic picture will never be the same. For years Las Vegas has enjoyed a position as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. One reason for this: a plentiful variety of well-paying jobs. There are still jobs in the Vegas valley, but they are not contributing to the pre-downturn level of the economy. Since the start of the economic downturn—we could easily call it the economic plummet—jobs decreased until they hit a low in mid 2009.

Education needs to be made a priority and we need to work on a permanent solution—a plan B—that acknowledges the growing competition for gambling and convention dollars while it raises our residents’ quality of life. We need loftier goals for our community.

Low Paying Dead End Jobs Aren’t What We Need—Education Is

The Graph shows the effects of education on four of the lower paying occupations.

Clearly the more education the less a person is required to work for lower pay. Making sure our citizens are educated will help the our economy as well as help staff our future.



Effects of Education: On Four of the Lower Paying Occupations


Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved from


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