Who are you?

We are UNLV students writing for an advanced composition course during the 2012 spring semester.

Are any of you professional writers?

No, but many of us aspire to be writers professionally. Most of us are English majors. 

Why is this web site a part of your course?

It was created as a means to strengthen our personal and collaborative writing. We are also learning how to use various kinds of media to our best advantage. 

What is the overall theme of these articles and your class?

Our class uses writing to explore improvement of the Las Vegas community.

What are the section themes, and how did you pick them? 

We follow an interesting format: we are divided into sections of our choosing, and as groups we edit and publish the best writing to this site. The section themes are: Architecture and Urban Planning, Culinary Experience, What the Tourists don’t Know, Sports and Leisure, Citizen Generated Ecological Development, and Where/How We Work. 

For whom was this website created?

This website was created for the students of our composition class but also for the Las Vegas community at large.

Who manages this site?

The site is managed by the chief editor, Dr. Nagelhout, with the help of the six editorial groups.

Who do we contact to comment to this site?

Contact Dr. Nagelhout or leave comments in the appropriate section on this site.


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