By Jason Domingo

I like all food, so I can’t say I stick to one specific genre. My dad is Filipino, so needless to say I ate a lot of entrees with rice on the side growing up. But I’m open to almost anything edible. Although this is the case for me, my wife is a little more selective when it comes to her food.

When we first moved to Las Vegas we knew that there were a lot of great places to eat, but we didn’t know which places were good, and which places were tourists’ traps. It was a good thing that one of my wife’s professors turned out to be a great source of knowledge for restaurants. One of the first places he told us that we had to eat at was the Firefly Kitchen and Bar.

Firefly Tapas Kitchen and Bar, located near the strip, is a place where everyone in the dinner party can be happy. It has an upbeat atmosphere, variety of food, and a price range everyone can appreciate. The Firefly serves tapas, which can be described as bite size entrees. Although, when people hear the words “bite size” small portions come to mind; but, the spectrum of food at Firefly can quench even the largest of appetites.

The first thing my wife and I were told to order was the sangria. At $7 a glass it was a little expensive, but the taste was worth it. The sangria at the Firefly was a perfect way to begin a meal.

After the sangria my wife and I were eager to try the food. The most popular item on the menu (according to my server) was the stuffed dates, and he wasn’t kidding! The dates are stuffed with gorgonzola cheese and wrapped in bacon, and at only $4.50 it was a great way to start out dinner.

Since our server mentioned the stuffed dates, we decided to ask his opinion on other items on the menu, which turned out to be a great idea.

The next thing we ordered was the ceviche ($8.50).  I have eaten ceviche in the past, but it was nothing like this. The Firefly’s ceviche had huge pieces of shrimp in it, and they put a half of an avocado on the side. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a chip and dip type dish.

For the main course, my wife and I ordered the chicken and chorizo stuffed mushrooms ($5.50), empanadas ($5.00), and the filet mignon sliders ($7.50). With a bite-sized portion in my mind, I did not expect to receive that much food. The taste of the meal as well as the service was awesome.

The dinner experience would not be complete without dessert, but my wife and I were too full to order any sweets after our meal; the waiter mentioned to us how good the caramel flan ($4.00) was. My wife and I even noticed a couple next to us enjoying the flan. Well, maybe next time.

Anyone looking for a great place to eat should try this restaurant. It is located near the “Strip” and offers a great dining experience. In Las Vegas, it is difficult to find a nice place to go for under $45, but Firefly is that place.

In a town that consists of so many different cultures it is nice to have a restaurant that serves so many different types of food. Food has always been a medium that brings people together. If one wants a great meal mixed with some great atmosphere, Firefly is the place.

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