Geocaching in Las Vegas- Fun off the strip

Link To Infographic: Geocaching Infographic

What is geocaching:

Geocaching is an outdoor, navigational treasure hunt where the clues are coordinates found at websites such as and  Once participants have obtained coordinates they plug those coordinates into either a GPS  (Global Positioning System) or a mobile device that has GPS capabilities and a geocaching application.  Once a participant orients themselves to the coordinates it’s as easy as hiking, biking, or driving the cache destination.  After a cache is found it is customary to either take the cache and leave another cache or just leave the existing cache, noting it’s discovery.

Geocaching in Las Vegas:

Contrary to popular belief, mainly be tourists, there are other exciting adventures to be had off the strip.  The best place to get started on your Las Vegas geocaching adventure is to visit the website: or, in either website participants can look-up coordinates, view maps and caches (refer to infographic).

How geocaching got started:

Geocaching, a now favorite past time, got started on May 2, 2000 when the US stopped intentionally degrading the Global Positioning System (GPS) signals.  This directive that came from the president was a decision that allowed civilians to be able to use GPS to pinpoint locations and items up to ten times more accurately, and also had positive implications for military utility of GPS (  Once the directive was implemented Dave Ulmer, a computer consultant decided to test the accuracy of GPS by hiding a navigational target in the woods.  He dubbed this idea “Great American GPS Stash Hunt,” and posted the coordinates on the internet at sci.geo.satellite-nav coordinates: N 45◦ 17.460 W 122◦ 24.800.  He then established the rules for geocaching, “take some stuff, leave some stuff.” (   Due to negative connotations of the name  “GPS Stash Hunt” was eventually changed to “geocaching.”

Variations in geocaching:

Since the inception of geocaching a variety of types of geocaching have come into existence, transforming the traditional type of geocaching.  Variations in geocaching include: 1) Multi-cache that includes multiple locations, 2) Mystery/puzzle cache whereby participants must solve puzzles to determine the final location of the cache, 3) Night cache which use reflectors to follow at night to the cache, 4) Letterbox Hybrid cache is a mix between a letterbox, which contains a letter stamp and log book, and a geocache, 5) Earthcache, which teaches participants about an educational lesson about the earth sciences of the cache area, and is maintained by the Geological Society of America, 6) Event cache, where different organizations come together and caches are often only for that specific event ( Infographic


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