Welcome to our section theme, Citizen-Generated Ecological Improvement. As we all know, there are many ecological issues which presently trouble our planet, including energy, land, resource consumption, quality of air, etc. These problems can seem very broad with no quick or easy solutions, especially when it seems like those we elect do not seem to do anything to seriously tackle any of these issues. Sometimes the best way to fix the biggest of problems is to start small. In other words, change is best started locally. Our group has proposed the question, “Just what can a citizen do to ecologically improve Las Vegas?” What can we, as Las Vegans, do to challenge the ecological issues that trouble our city in a practical and efficient way?
Many students have written us their ideas and we’ve selected a number of them here for our class website. All of them have researched the topic at hand and have offered a variety of creative solutions, including political activism, how to find the best activist groups, listing the most recyclable materials, and finding buildings in the city that have already taken the green initiative. It is up to the citizens to get educated about environmental concerns and get involved in improving the community and environment, which is exactly what these articles will guide you to do.


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