The Almost Perfect Restaurant

By Julia Sinopoli

Walking out of a restaurant and being impressed with everything about it is a very gratifying experience. This type of experience may be frequent or rare depending where someone lives. Las Vegas is a city which can offer many such experiences due to the variety of restaurants all over town, including the Strip. I have not been to many restaurants on the Strip because of the prices, but I’m sure most of them are exquisite. Naturally, having a big name and pricey food does not make a good restaurant. Many of the locals cannot afford to eat on the Strip all the time, forcing them to find the best restaurants in other parts of the Valley. If there were such thing as a perfect restaurant, it would uphold the following standards: fantastic food, excellent service, friendly and clean environment, a great location, and suitable prices.

The location of a restaurant is what attracts its customers into its doors. A good example would be the restaurant called Firefly. Firefly is a little restaurant that has two locations: one on Paradise Road and the other on Sahara Avenue. These locations are both on busy streets and make it easy for someone driving past to see. Not only does it have great locations, but the restaurant is easy to spot. The sign is very bright and flashy, while the outside has many lights attracting customers.

The second aspect of an exceptional restaurant is cleanliness since a customer’s experience begins as soon as they walk through the door. If patrons see that the restaurant doesn’t uphold their standards, they are most likely going to walk out.  One night, a group of friends and I went to a bar grill type of restaurant, but walked out as soon as we walked in. We opened the door and a big cloud of smoke wafted out. Two of my friends were ahead of me, but I didn’t even fully make it through the door because they both back pedaled out and said the place looked gross. I didn’t look at the name of the restaurant because we were there so shortly. Thankfully, new laws prohibit smoking in restaurants, since my standards for a restaurant usually require it to be smoke-free. A successful restaurant usually upholds clean conditions and if there is smoking allowed it usually has its own section. Cleanliness is definitely important to take into consideration, since customers may question if the food is safe in a dirty restaurant.

Finally, the most important aspect of an exceptional restaurant is the food. The food experience can begin with a breadbasket at the table or an appetizer and it can go all the way to dessert. If a customer has a horrible dining experience, then they will tell other people of their bad dining experience. There are many restaurants in Las Vegas that serve exquisite food, one of them being Nora’s Cuisine. Nora’s is a family owned Italian restaurant which serves a variety of Italian dishes including all types of pizzas, Alfredo, and mozzarella caprese. Another restaurant that serves amazing food is Lindo Michoacan, a gourmet Mexican restaurant that serves all types of Mexican dishes and is heaven in your mouth.

These restaurants have been in Vegas for a while and will probably stay open for a very long time, because of the amazing food that they provide. Food is the most important aspect of a restaurant and is what defines the restaurant, but its prices contribute to the wow factor.

The cost of a meal is the icing on the cake. My sister and I were sitting in U-Swirl, a self-serve frozen yogurt place, when she said, “This yogurt tastes so much better since it’s free.” She had used her stamp card in order to get a free frozen yogurt. It was funny at the time, but it’s true. Things are always better when they are free, or even when they are not expensive. It’s hard for many people right now to spend a lot of money. It’s important that restaurants aren’t expensive for the type of food they are serving. Many of the restaurants that I have mentioned in my paper before are reasonably priced; especially for the quality of food they are serving. Nora’s dinner menu has options ranging from $8-20 depending. Firefly seems to be a little expensive just because of the portion size, but it doesn’t take away from how delicious the food is. Las Vegas offers a variety of restaurants though, so I’m sure everyone can find something that they enjoy.

It’s not easy to create an exceptional restaurant with delectable food choices, an easily accessed location, prompt service, and reasonable pricing. People can be very picky when dining at a restaurant, but many restaurants in Las Vegas have stood the test of time for a long time, such as Nora’s, and have found the secret ingredients which blend together to form a fabulous restaurant.



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