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TPC Summerlin

TPC Summerlin, is a par-72, 7,243-yard private course that is extremely challenging for any golfer at any skill level, and at the same time has an ambiance that one will not experience at a normal local course.

What truly stands out about TPC Summerlin is the wonderfully managed staff. Everyone that was working had knowledge about the course, down to how they set up the course that morning.  The TPC staff goes out of their way to make every guest feel like they are the only people playing, while having full attention to every detail that a player could conceive.

Walking up to the front of the clubhouse, we were met by a clubhouse attendant who greeted us saying, “Good morning gentleman; it is a beautiful day for a round, let me take those bags for you.” The sweet smell of fresh cut grass still wafted in the morning air.  It gave the feeling that you were transported into a Leonardo Di Vinci painting, if he were to paint a golf course

The clubhouse is one of the most beautiful clubhouses I have ever seen. It had gorgeous oak woodwork; behind the check in desk were large windows to see the backdrop of the course.  The attendant behind the desk gave the run down of the amenities that were available to use.  He directed us to the cart area where are bags were already on a cart, he pointed out the bar area so we could have a morning cocktail before we got started on the round and the different practice areas where we could warm up.

We headed up to the front where our cart was and was informed by the cart attendant that the range is open and that we would find a pyramid of Nike balls for us to hit. I am not going to lie; we took a few of the balls, that is how good the balls were, not the typical dented balls that you get at a regular driving range.  Truly TPC is not sparing any expense for their patrons.  After warming up and taking some practice putts, the starter Don came up to us and asked if we would like to start early.

We stepped onto the first tee and Don began with the rules for the day (where to drive the cart and where not to, things like of that nature) he also informed us about the pin location for the day and told us the history of the course.  This was an experience that I have never had before.  I am use to the starter sitting in a cart, yelling out a last name to let you know your group will hit next.  With Don it felt like I was in the beginning of a tournament and the announcing of players, it was very nerve racking, but regal in many ways.

Don turned around and pointed at the 18th green and let us know that this is the hole that Tiger won his first PGA tour event on, and on the left of the tee was Andre Agassi’s house. When we get to the 3rd hole we saw where the owner of the Venetian, Sheldon Adelson’s new mansion was being built.  Don had an amazing wealth of knowledge about the course and the area.

We teed off and the first two holes went as expected, not very well, but it was the first two holes on a PGA course that really kept things in perspective.  However, I was not expecting the events that I was about to experience on the next hole.


The third hole is a par five, about 473 yards to the green.  The first shot is fairly straight, butmost likely; you will end up working right to left. Then to make it to the green you need to hit over what seemed to be the “Grand Canyon”.  I tee off and hit a great drive, about 280 yards, leaving my self 200 to 220 yards to go to the green.  I pulled out my brand new Taylor Made Rocketballz fairway wood that I was hitting real well up on the driving range.  I lined up for the second shot and top the ball.  It went maybe 100 yards right into the “Grand Canyon.” I dropped another ball and I ended up curving the ball right into the side of the “Grand Canyon.”  Seriously, the ball didn’t get above three feet off the ground, just a rocket right into the side of the rock face.

I can tell you so far that I have lost two balls on this hole.  So as of right now I am shooting a four on a par five.  I went to the other side of the canyon and hit from there, it seemed at the time a good choice.  The next shot needed to make the green to at least save bogey.  My next shot landed on the very back of the green, give or take 70 feet away from the hole.  I take aim, putt, putt again, and putt again and on my last putt, finally the ball went home in the hole.   So the final score for the third hole that was supposed to be a par five, took me nine shots to finish.

Overall the course was amazing, it played like a pro-course should.  It was challenging and at times unforgiving. I have now learned why pro golfers get paid what they do and also practice as much as they do.  The bent grass greens were tight, and the ball rolled like it was on carpet. The course was a little brown, but that is because of the early warm weather that Las Vegas was having and that happens when the cooler weather grass gets a heat wave but the staff did an amazing job having the course ready for play.

I wish I could tell you that I hit a hole-in-one or that I shot even par (72) for the day but that was not the case.  I am pretty sure that they do not have to fertilize the course for a few weeks because that is how bad I played. The chance to stand where so many pros have, and to experience an actual PGA course, but most of all to have experienced the professionalism of just an awesome staff was the biggest highlight for me.

If you would like more information about upcoming events or tournaments, stop by their website   The site gives a breakdown of services that the course offers and also if one is curious about the lay out and design of the course it has that information as well.








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