Saving the Huntridge Theater

By Olivia Cruz

Facing an uncertain future is a small, historic theater in Las Vegas that’s been around for a little over 67 years. The Huntridge Theater, located in the corner of Charleston and Maryland Parkway, has been home to multiple performances and many movie viewings. Although the building is listed in the United States National Register of Historic Places, after 2017, the theater could be demolished. Since the building holds so many of Vegas’ memories and represents older forms of architecture, it would be a crime to destroy or alter the building; instead, we should work to bring the theater back to its former glory.

Currently run-down and unkempt, the Huntridge Theater looks like an abandoned old building sitting in the midst of an empty parking lot. The face of the structure appears to be a victim of graffiti, the bland brown paint that covers the walls is peeling, and the gates are rusty. Major changes are required to preserve this historic site.

To account for these cosmetic weaknesses, the theater should be refinished according to its original design, in order to preserve its historic value and charm. The walls should be rebuilt to make the building look inviting. The theater should be repainted, perhaps a striking color that will attract attention. A new marquee should replace the crumbling one that exists now. Finally, the parking lot should be renovated, especially with the addition of trees and plants. With these simple changes, the Huntridge Theater could eventually be reopened to the public.


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