The Local Culture: What the Tourists Don’t Know!

You Know You’re From Las Vegas When…:

  • You use oven mitts to drive in the summer
  • You think it is cold when in 70 degrees outside
  • You know what lies beyond the Strip

The familiar joke can be filled in with any variety of answers that only the people from the community can nod knowingly at. There are two different sides to Las Vegas: the one the tourists see and the one they don’t. The people who stay, the Las Vegas Locals, get to see an entirely different city. Local culture is not simply defined by table games and Cirque Du Soleil shows; rather, Las Vegans spend most of their time far from the noise and neon of the Strip. From experiencing the Damn Short Film Festival to debunking common myths about Las Vegas, What the Tourists Don’t Know provides a brief spotlight on the many facets of the Las Vegas local culture.

Museums and Informational Places

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Bars and Restaurants





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