Around the World in 90 Seconds: 5 Destinations for Las Vegans on a Budget

By Hilary Williams

Las Vegans don’t need to spend thousands of dollars traveling all over the world to see its marvels. It’s available right in their backyards through the architecture on the Strip. Some might even like the Las Vegas architecture more than the originals. Best of all–sightseeing is free!

1. The Luxor Pyramid 

Egypt is the first stop on the tour. The Luxor was built into a perfect pyramid with each side of the square base measuring 646.01 ft. and meeting at a 350 ft peak. Although inspired by ancient Egypt, the Luxor differs from the original pyramids aesthetically. The Luxor pyramid is covered in black glass and the top of the building boasts a skylight visible from space. Because of technology and design, this modern marvel is an interesting, postmodern interpretation of the original. All visitors have to do to enjoy it is walk or drive by.


2. The New York New York Statue of Liberty 

Las Vegans don’t have to travel across the country and into the ocean to see the Statue of Liberty. A half-size replica built in 1997 sits right across from the MGM’s giant golden lion. The entire city replica (all of the hotel and casino) cost $485 million to complete. That’s much more than Las Vegans have to spend to enjoy it.


3. The Paris Eiffel Tower 

The Eiffel Tower dominates the Parisian skyline, and Las Vegans are lucky enough to have one, too. Like the original, visitors can reach the top for a small fee and overlook the city. At 460 feet, this Eiffel Tower is smaller than the original, but it still gives the chance to experience something similar. And with a restaurant inside, they can eat and enjoy the view simultaneously.


4. The Excalibur Castle 

Modeled after English medieval castles, this castle is a fun, kitschy representation of a fortress on this side of the Atlantic. It is similar in construction to a European castle in that it has several levels, and if outsiders attempt to intrude, they will never be able to find their way out. Visitors will also love that “the storybook-like fortress boasts a drawbridge and moat.”


5. The Venetian 

Italy happens to be right next door complete with Venetian canals and shops that sit right on the water. According to the architects and designers, “well-known icons – The Doge’s Palace, Campanile, Bridge of Sighs, and Rialto Bridge – were meticulously incorporated into the design.” The Venetian was built to make visitors feel like they are outside in the marketplace with the unique experience of riding a gondola indoors. The designers imported thirty-five stories of Italian spirit to the complete the building.

Tourists lucky enough to make it to Las Vegas meet some of the grandest architectural marvels in the world. Las Vegans have yet to realize that they are lucky in the exact same way, except they can see reproductions of sites from all over the world in a 90 second drive down Las Vegas Boulevard – for free!


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