The Morelli House

By Natalie Ramos

As the double doors swing open, visitors are greeted by decor unusual for the modern world. Everything from the circa 1959 curtain panels to the sofa that wraps around the dining room table exists exclusively in this home. This is the historic Morelli House. 

This building houses memories for Maestro Morelli, a Las Vegas celebrity during the Rat Pack era in the 1950s. Antonio Morelli was the orchestra leader for the Sands Casino and had the experience of playing alongside legends like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Jimmy Durante. He was so successful that he chose to build a home he could share with guests. And thus, he embarked on the Morelli House project.

In the dining room to the left of the entrance are an array of framed photographs from Morelli’s life, a short timeline showcasing his proudest and most notable moments. These include  photographs of Morelli playing with Frank Sinatra, adoption of one of his sons, and construction of his house with his wife, Helen Morelli.

Because of the home’s historical significance, the Junior League of Las Vegas has adopted it as its headquarters. The journey to acquire the Morelli House was a long but worthy process, calling on the group to save the house from demolition in 2001. The preservation of the home includes a few changes, but among the most noted is the relocation.

Opting to “save” the home from demolition in 2001 was an admirable choice since the Morelli House is homage to Old Vegas culture and mid-century modern architecture. Preserving buildings from the past grants Las Vegas more cultural depth, reminding residents that the city isn’t just about tourism, it’s about our history and customs, too.



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