Welcome to the page about us… the students in Advance Composition 401A. 

We are a diverse group of students that are all currently attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for the 2012 spring semester.  This website was envisioned by our professor, Dr. Ed Nagelhout, with the main goal to help us students grow as writers, both intellectually and creatively and to teach us the finer points of being authors and editors. 

The web site is a combination of six different categories that focus in on Las Vegas and their members:

Architecture and Urban Planning – Maria Warren, Michael Hook, David Mann, Rachel Hershkovitz

Culinary Experience – Theresa Schill, Charlcie Holguin, Barbara Jones, Dan Henry

What Tourist Don’t Know – Stephanie Berry, Lance Arberry, Jiulia Sinopoli, Hilary Williams

Sports and Leisure – Robert Cutts, Cameron Yana, Jason Domingo

Citizen – Generated Ecological Improvement – Jenna Yocum, Sean Connolly, Val Tu, Mary Kuzma, Blanca Gamez

Where/How We Work – Ana Bru, Natalie Ramos, Olivia Cruz, Lisa Goin, Christine Lewis

These groups of dedicated students were tasked with taking a deeper look into the community of the Las Vegas Valley, not from a tourist eye, but at the local level.  Each group consisting of four to five students that have been handed the keys to drive this project forward, with the idea to inform our readers of the fantastic place that local Las Vegas can be away from the glitz and glamor of the “Strip.”

We all hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labor and the dedication that went into this project by all of us students and Dr. Nagelhout.


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