Seeing Vegas Through The Eyes of Food

Culinary Experiences

Las Vegas has been given the nickname “The Entertainment Capital of the World.”  The city has been built on the combinations of gaming, mega resorts and of course food.  The valley is the home to so many different places to eat, from the simple bar food on a late Saturday night, to trendy tapas with a group of friends, to top five star restaurants for that special date night.

In this section, readers will find a collection of works from authors that did some amazing work to bring these restaurants to life from an insider perspective and to give our readers a clearer picture of what to expect if and when the opportunity comes to enjoy these culinary experiences.

These essays and website posts were edited and published by Daniel Henry, Charlcie Holguin, Barbara Jones and Theresa Schill.


About Our Posts

Our group was lucky enough to have some of the best authors to write about our topic. They wrote  reviews that featured restaurants from all around town. Some of our writers wrote papers geared toward people visiting Vegas and for those special nights out, but there are some great local joints featured in the articles as well. For anyone that has a sweet tooth, we had our authors hunt down those sweet creations to bring our readers an in-depth look into the tastings of these delicacies. Of course we would not leave out choices for our readers who do not eat meat or want to watch what they eat, with options for vegans/vegetarians and some healthy choices.  Our authors are locals in Las Vegas that want nothing more than to shed some light on the great culinary experiences that our city has to offer.


This is a list of websites with more information about the restaurants featured on this page.

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LOCATION CLASSIFIED: Secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan

In a city of over two million people, it should be very hard to keep something a secret.

The Cosmopolitan has been able to keep its mysterious, hidden pizzeria a little known secret for over two years now, becoming one of the greatest works of marketing Las Vegas has ever seen.

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Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan

Rachel’s Kitchen: A Healthy Alternative to Fast Food

By Christie Lewis

Tired of McDonald’s but still looking for something fast, while also hoping for something a little bit healthier?  Rachel’s Kitchen could be exactly what you are looking for!

As a busy high school performing arts teacher and graduate student, I am always on the lookout for quick food options that won’t break my bank, but will also satisfy my comfort food craving and

not be as bad for me as a fast food restaurant.  I like knowing that my food is fresh and won’t sit heavily in my stomach as many fast foods tend to do, though sometimes, I would just really like some French fries. Read more of this post

Top Five Local Shops for Sinful Sin City Sweets

By Lisa Goin

In the Las Vegas Valley, a diverse collection of restaurants and food establishments await the eager tourist. Names like Wolfgang Puck, Payard’s and Bouchon grace some of our eateries. Beyond the names and the neon though are local businesses that delight the pallet as well as (if not more than) Strip establishments.  There is an array choices a foodie with a sweet tooth can take delight in offered in Las Vegas.  Here are my top five favorite sweet shops in the Vegas Valley.

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Tips on Tipping

By Michael Hook

Las Vegas is a unique city where a high percentage of its employees make most of their money in tips because the establishments that they work for only pay minimum wage. Minimum wage in the state of Nevada is $8.25 and considering the cost of living in Nevada, minimum wage is not enough to survive.  This is where the concept of tipping comes into play. 

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