Sin City Jobs: An Intro

Las Vegas is full of interesting jobs, many unnoticed, from the people behind the scenes at the shows on the strip, to the people who make the casinos and hotels run smoothly, and even the people who pick up our garbage or work at the recycling center.  Equally, those jobs we think are so “normal” have a unique twist here in Sin City.  In order to really appreciate the inner workings of a city, we need to take a closer look at the people who work there. The people who work in Vegas are the people who make up the DNA of the city, and they give the city its diverse culture.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a showgirl? Or what kinds of things a security guard at the strip runs into afterhours? This section is a tribute to all of the people that make Las Vegas a great place to live and work.


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Anatomy of a Showgirl

By Hilary Williams

This history and spirit of the Las Vegas showgirl, though simplistic, fascinates local and visitor alike. The idea of the showgirl was built to entice and entrance. Growing up with the city has inextricably linked showgirls with the Strip, historically being involved with their development from the start. This link influenced both city and showgirl for the past 80 years. Read more of this post

Job Opening: Must Speak English

By Daniel Henry

Immigrants have long been trying to notch out a piece of the American dream for hundreds of years.  Many have faced obstacles and roadblocks, but one challenge stands out as being the most difficult for the larger population, learning the English language.

The Clark County School District’s Department of Adult Education has been assisting the growing Spanish speaking community by introducing programs that will help parents of currently enrolled students become more proficient with the English language.  At the completion of the programs, students are given the opportunity to earn a GED, which they can use to better their situation.

In an interview with Jennifer Keiser, instructional coordinator and GED chief examiner for the Department of Adult Education, “There are parents who are only Spanish speakers or are limited English proficient and what they are trying to do in some instances is set a good example for their children, to get them excited about learning, or looking to gain better employment opportunities.” Read more of this post

Do Your Homework: Education is the Key to Reviving Vegas’ Economy

By Mary Kuzma

Things have changed in our Valley and the economic picture will never be the same. For years Las Vegas has enjoyed a position as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. One reason for this: a plentiful variety of well-paying jobs. There are still jobs in the Vegas valley, but they are not contributing to the pre-downturn level of the economy. Since the start of the economic downturn—we could easily call it the economic plummet—jobs decreased until they hit a low in mid 2009.

Education needs to be made a priority and we need to work on a permanent solution—a plan B—that acknowledges the growing competition for gambling and convention dollars while it raises our residents’ quality of life. We need loftier goals for our community.

Read more of this post

Not Just as Haven for Heart Attacks: Challenging the Sexist Workplace

By Rachel Hershkovitz

It’s not run-down, it’s in a central location, and I’m sure the salary is decent, but I’d probably do anything to avoid working there. It’s a Friday night, and I’m at the Heart Attack Grill, a controversial restaurant that entered the Las Vegas landscape in 2011. Located on Fremont Street, Heart Attack Grill proudly serves artery-clogging foods prepared in pure lard and butter. Anyone who weighs more than 350 pounds eats for free and receives celebratory cheers from plump clientele.

The Heart Attack’s Grill’s overt encouragement of gluttony and excess is easy to spot and, consequently, is why the restaurant invites so much attention and controversy. While critics have a point that the Heart Attack Grill promotes unhealthy, reckless eating habits, they should also take notice of something that’s just as prevalent but rarely addressed: sexism. Read more of this post

Grave Shift Security

By Barbara Jones

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the strip-goers during the after hours? What happens after the bar gives out that last call? What are the benefits of working in Las Vegas? How would his job differ if he was located in a different city?

One person who you could talk to about this is my friend, Matt Millett. He is not only a graveyard shift security guard at the Venetian, but he is also a student at our very own university. He has been working as a security guard since he turned 23, and as you will soon read, there has hardly been a dull moment throughout his career at the Venetian. His favorite part about his job is that he gets to see the “behind-the scenes look at the strip and all of the workers and tourists.” Read more of this post