Fremont Street Experience

By Stephanie Berry


The Truth About Circus-Circus

By Ana Bru

Known for its entertainment and attractions, the Las Vegas strip is a lively tourist destination comprised of casinos that each have a story. Currently there are about thirty of these casinos on the strip, and the Circus-Circus is one of them. Themed around the circus, the hotel contains more than 1,900 guest rooms, gambling, restaurants, a carnival, a wedding chapel, and a circus arena.  Read more of this post

Saving the Huntridge Theater

By Olivia Cruz

Facing an uncertain future is a small, historic theater in Las Vegas that’s been around for a little over 67 years. The Huntridge Theater, located in the corner of Charleston and Maryland Parkway, has been home to multiple performances and many movie viewings. Although the building is listed in the United States National Register of Historic Places, after 2017, the theater could be demolished. Since the building holds so many of Vegas’ memories and represents older forms of architecture, it would be a crime to destroy or alter the building; instead, we should work to bring the theater back to its former glory.

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The Local Culture: What the Tourists Don’t Know!

You Know You’re From Las Vegas When…:

  • You use oven mitts to drive in the summer
  • You think it is cold when in 70 degrees outside
  • You know what lies beyond the Strip

The familiar joke can be filled in with any variety of answers that only the people from the community can nod knowingly at. There are two different sides to Las Vegas: the one the tourists see and the one they don’t. The people who stay, the Las Vegas Locals, get to see an entirely different city. Local culture is not simply defined by table games and Cirque Du Soleil shows; rather, Las Vegans spend most of their time far from the noise and neon of the Strip. From experiencing the Damn Short Film Festival to debunking common myths about Las Vegas, What the Tourists Don’t Know provides a brief spotlight on the many facets of the Las Vegas local culture.

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Sports and Leisure



Welcome to the Las Vegas sports and leisure page. Yes, there is a domain outside the gaming industry. People think of gambling, buffets, and showgirls. The most popular thought is most likely gambling. From an outsiders point of view Las Vegas consists of just casinos. The main goal of this page is to direct people to different sports and leisure options in Las Vegas. This page offers a variety of activities outside the realm of the casino corridor. For the most part, people don’t comprehend that Las Vegas offers a large amount of activities other than gambling. There are numerous places to hike just outside of the Las Vegas area that rival some of the best scenery in the country.  Las Vegas also offers running events from 5k’s to full marathons. Parks and recreation areas are in abundant supply in Las Vegas. In addition, the youth sports programs in the Las Vegas encompass multiple sports. Another big sport attraction in Las Vegas is golf, and the courses and facilities in Las Vegas don’t disappoint. Las Vegas is home to over 30 public golf courses.

On this page one can read about the different running trails in Las Vegas. To add to the trail article, there is an article about running a 5K. There is a profile piece about the Thomas and Mack Center. If one is interested in camping, there is a how-to article about planning a camping trip. Another fun outdoor activity is Geocaching. What is Geocaching? Read the article to find out. TPC Summerlin is one of the nicest golf courses in Las Vegas, and there is a great review located on this page.

With all this being said, the authors of this page hope that the information provided will encourage people to participate in the various activities that Las Vegas has to offer.







Clark County Parks and Recreation


City of Henderson Parks and Recreation


Red Rock Canyon


Nevada State Parks


Valley Of Fire






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Sunrise Fast Pitch Softball League






Las Vegas Motor Speedway


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Fremont Street Ziplines


Strip at Night Race


Dan Wheldon

Dan Wheldon: How his Death Affects the Las Vegas Speedway

Dan Wheldon was an international Indy Car Series driver. He was originally from England, but he travelled all over the world, racing and winning. In both 2005 and 2011, Wheldon won the Indianapolis 500, the biggest race in the Indy Car series. He was also the 2005 Indy Racing League Indy Car Series champion. For those of you that don’t know much about Indy cars, they are very different from the popular NASCAR Series vehicles. Indy cars are low to the ground, thinner, and lighter. Dan Wheldon was a very talented driver, he “won 16 races in his storied…career”, but unfortunately his career and his life were ended when he raced and crashed on the Las Vegas Speedway on October 16th, 2011 (Little, 2011).

Before the race, comments about the track were made on the Indy Car website, saying things like “this race could be the wildest race of the season” (Gregory, 2011).  A rookie driver, James Hincliffe commented that “The racing is so close and when something goes wrong it can really go wrong” (Gregory, 2011). Those commentators did not know just how right they were. The racers might have been expecting some wild racing, but they could not foresee what would happen that day. Twelve laps into the race, two cars made contact with each other causing a chain reaction. The crash ended up involving 15 cars. Many drivers were injured and Wheldon’s car turned over as it went airborne and sailed into what’s called the catch fence, which sits over a barrier that’s designed to give a bit when cars make contact. After the crash, Oriol Servia, a driver that was involved in the Las Vegas race said “We all had a bad feeling about this place in particular just because of the high banking and how easy it was to go flat” (Gregory, 2011). To “go flat” means to accelerate quickly and freely and the “high banking” refers to the degree at which the turns are set. “The Las Vegas Motor Speedway changed the banking of its turns, from 12 degrees to 20 degrees, which increased speeds on the track,” something that is now being considered unsafe for the Indy Series (Gregory, 2011). Dario Franchitti, another driver also commented “I said before we even tested here that this was not a suitable track for us, and we’ve seen it today” (Gregory, 2011).

The Indy Car Series and the NASCAR series are both very popular events in Las Vegas. People enjoy getting to see their favorite drivers race. I know I love the noise the Indy Cars make as they zoom around the track, and I love getting to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. (a NASCAR driver), even though he rarely wins. Due to the accident, us fans might not get that chance anymore. This year, the Indy Car series was investigating “to [determine] if the series can continue racing on high-banked ovals such as the one at Las Vegas” (Los Angeles Times, 2011). The set schedule for 2012 is on the official website and Las Vegas is not on the list. Will Indy Car ever return to Las Vegas or has the death of one of the Series most popular drivers scared drivers away from racing the track? According to Eric Smith, “the series has announced they won’t return to Milwaukee, Kentucky, New Hampshire and Las Vegas next season…it’s looking like there will only be 14 races on the circuit…if there’s only 14 races, … this may be nearing the end of the best racing out there” (Smith, 2011). The Indy Car event is a very popular event with seventy-five thousand people attending at Las Vegas speedway that weekend. It is a shame that such a talented man died on the track, and that the event might no longer be held in at our speedway.



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